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Fail, sir Full-time Job

Nov 15th, 2022 at 07:55   Independent & Freelance   Calangute   324 views Reference: 6
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It's a bit cramped for three people in such a small apartment. After a day's rest and a lot of work to do on Sunday, Josh went out after breakfast. Without facing him all day, Si Zhen was much more relaxed. In the afternoon, I took Qiao Sinan to the park and bought some food by the way. When I came back, I met Sister Lin downstairs. Miaomiao was led by her. When she saw Qiao Sinan, she waved from a distance and smiled sweetly: "Brother Sinan." Qiao Sinan answered coolly. Where did you go to play? Lin Jie looked at Qiao Sinan with a smile, "this child is fat, the face looks more round than before.". Does your mother cook well? Qiao Sinan nodded approvingly. Miaomiao shook Sister Lin's hand. "Mom, can I go to my brother's house to play?"? I also want to eat the meal cooked by Aunt Sizhen. "You still think I'm not good at cooking." Sister Lin said, "I'll give you to your aunt Sizhen." Si Zhen laughed and said, "Miaomiao can come at any time. Aunt and brother welcome you very much." Just as they were talking, the streamlined black car came up and stopped not far in front of them. Several people's eyes could not help but cast in the past. The door of the back seat opened, a pair of patent leather oxfords stepped out, and Josh got out of the car, a gray Prince of Wales plaid coat, a neat gray-blue suit,Coil nail machine, a pair of rimless glasses on the bridge of his nose, and a well-dressed elite. To be honest, Si Zhen likes him to wear clothes that are not so dark, and he is also fascinated by the way he wears glasses. He went out in this suit this morning, and when he saw it now, he would still be moved uncontrollably. Miaomiao was stunned and whispered to her mother,wire nail machine manufacturers, "handsome uncle." Young and handsome faces are not uncommon on college campuses, but mature men with outstanding appearance and charm are rare. Sister Rao Lin has been married for many years and is immune to little fresh meat. She can't help looking at this handsome model. This guy looks a little familiar. Have I seen it in some magazine? "Sister Lin muttered, but saw the good-looking man coming straight at them." Dad Qiao Sinan said hello cleverly. Is this the father of the child? "Sister Lin was stunned, and her eyes on Si Zhen changed again and again, which was quite complicated." Yes Si Zhen smiled and did not know what to say. Lin Jie looked up and down at Qiao He. With a calm expression, he took the bag from Si Zhen's hand. "Why don't you go up?" "Say a few words when you meet Sister Lin." Si Zhen explained softly. Miaomiao looked up at Josh. "Uncle, can I go to your house?" Josh glanced down at her and said lightly, "No." “……” Si Zhen frowned at him, bent down and said gently, "Uncle and Miaomiao are joking.". Miaomiao, come home with us. Aunt will cook steak for you. "It's all right. She's just crazy. You can go back and leave her alone. Her father cooked braised pork for her." Sister Lin said. Miaomiao pouted: "Thank you, wire nail machine manufacturers ,iron nail machine, aunt, I will go to play with my brother next time." Sister Lin led Miaomiao to leave. Before she left, she whispered to her, "Your ex-husband is so excellent. No wonder you don't like Boyan." It's not that I don't like it, it's just.. Lin Jie sighed with emotion and then left, Si Zhen did not have the opportunity to explain. Into the elevator, she pressed down the floor: "How do you come again?" Joch took her waist in his arms and bowed his head and kissed her. Soon he loosened his grip and said in a deep voice, "If you say that again, I'll kiss you once." “……” Si Zhen pulled his hand away. Standing on her lap, Qiao Sinan had consciously covered his eyes, and she felt a little hot and cute, and touched his head. The next day, Lao Liang sent a series of things such as Qiao He's computer, and two days later, he brought several sets of clothes. Si Zhen's small wardrobe has been occupied by the clothes of the father and son. Josh went to sleep in his room the next night, but the wattage of Josnan's electric bulb was so big that he never had a chance to do anything. At the opening meeting, Professor Huang handed over a new project of enterprise cooperation to Sizhen to target the development of RET small molecule inhibitors. At the end of the meeting, Si Zhen left. Li Qian moved very slowly. When everyone else left, she stopped Professor Huang who was ready to leave: "Mr. Huang, can you give me the project of Mr. Si just now?"? I'm very interested in this, and my project is just over. "You want to do this. This is a new drug commissioned by Qiao Sheng. You can't handle it." Teacher Huang smiled, "You are still young." "I know. I've looked up a lot of information in advance and I know its mechanism. Can you let me try it?" "It's not as simple as you think. We have to cooperate with Qiaosheng's research Institute in this project. Anti-cancer is your teacher's specialty. If you are interested, you can follow her and learn from her." Li Qian pursed her lips. Teacher Huang didn't give her much time. Then she left in a hurry. Li Qian was arranged by teacher Huang to help, but Si Zhen did not refuse. Although this graduate student's professional achievement is not as good as Feng yuan's, he is quite smart. Si Zhen contacted the person in charge of Qiao Sheng and drove Li Qian to the seminar on Thursday afternoon. After the transformation of Joe's to specialize in the pharmaceutical industry, the sign outside the building has been replaced by Qiao Sheng Pharmaceutical. Standing downstairs and looking up at the building, there is a feeling of familiarity and strangeness. The person in charge of receiving them, surnamed Zhang, led them to the conference room, and the R & D personnel of Qiaosheng Research Institute who were specially responsible for the project had already arrived. The discussion went smoothly, and the ideas of both sides came together and quickly reached a consensus. It was a pleasant and efficient meeting, if you ignore the man who opened the door and sat calmly across from her. General Manager Qiao, what do you think? After that, Director Zhang asked respectfully. Josh's face was as cold as ever, so no one doubted his motive for coming, although everyone was confused. Just do it according to your plan. I just want the results. Director Zhang smiled. It's just a question,High Speed Nail Making Machine, after all, the president is busy every day, and the details of research and development are never personally asked. General Manager Qiao came to attend the meeting in person. You attach so much importance to this project that we will do our best. Li Qian said in a brisk tone. 3shardware.com

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