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Zhang Sanfeng's Journey to the Other World _ Wordboard _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

Nov 15th, 2022 at 08:07   Independent & Freelance   Calangute   1.1K views Reference: 23
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The pig warrior was startled on the spot, but he immediately stabilized his state of mind and tried his best to improve his fighting spirit defense. In his opinion, his fighting spirit defense level 12 forbidden curse was no problem. Where would it be broken by these small drill bits? Besides, his whole body was wrapped in high-quality steel armor. What if it's hit by a drill? However, the fact is cruel, he is proud of the fighting defense and that layer of steel armor, in the heavy metal Slyme's anti-breaking attributes, not much better than a piece of paper. The drills easily pierced his fighting spirit and armor and made a transparent hole in his body. A drill, a hole, but there are at least tens of thousands of drill bits split out of Slyme. The body of the pig warrior can't stand so many blows. Soon he was blown into a mess by these drills, and the whole person turned into a fog of blood in midair, splashing minced meat everywhere. Another soldier was shocked by this tragic scene, just at this time Elena arrived, without saying a word, the shield into the size of the door, directly patted the past. In his haste, the fellow parried with the big sword in his hand. Obviously, this is simply looking for excitement, Elena is the strength of the sub-god level, and itself is good at strength, especially after her physical body has been sharp, that strength is even more abnormal,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, even if the poor way is one level higher than her, it may not be able to win her in strength, not to mention a small six-winged level of magic pig fighters. There was a loud bang, and the poor fellow flew down faster than he had come, followed by a heavy sound of landing. There was a big pit in the shape of a man on the ground, and the unlucky man was trapped in the pit. The front of the whole person was flat, and the bones of the whole body were crisp. Instant seckill two top fighters in the Demon Pig Clan, such a strong fighting capacity all of a sudden shocked the Demon Pig Clan,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, from now on, no one dares to stop us easily. Poor way a line of people so swaggering through the encirclement of the Demon Pig clan, directly to the Demon Emperor at the gates. The Demon Imperial City is the foundation of the Demons. It is not only broad, but also extremely strong. The walls are all over 40 meters. Divided into three parts: the outer city, the inner city and the imperial city, the city with a radius of nearly fifty miles can accommodate a total of five million residents and three million soldiers stationed there. At this time, however, the Demon Imperial City was almost completely in ruins, the outer city and the inner city had been lost, and only the imperial city within a radius of five miles was still struggling to support itself. However, the situation is also at stake. Up to 60 meters high on the walls of the imperial city, there are pig fighters everywhere, the corpses at the gate, broken ladders, and the fragments of siege equipment carried by pig fighters and other debris, Stainless Steel Prison Toilet ,Flush valve price, has been piled up forty or fifty meters thick, is about to reach ChengTou, we can see the tragic situation. At this time, countless magic pig warriors were frantically attacking the imperial city along the mountains of debris, and their dark figures, like ants, surrounded the city tightly. Although the Demon warriors on Chengtou fought hard. But the number of difference is too much, and lost the advantage of the wall, so has gradually begun to appear not to support the situation, many ChengTou even have been lost. Several masters of the Demon Royal Family even personally participated in guarding the city. They put out fires everywhere and kept killing the Demon Pig warriors who attacked them. To keep the situation from collapsing, but everyone knows that this is just the last madness. The Demon Pig Clan is actually consuming their strength, once they are exhausted, the masters of the Demon Pig Clan will suddenly appear, destroy them at one stroke, and completely lock in the war situation. The poor way estimated that if we did not come, I am afraid that several of the exhausted masters of the Demon Royal Family would not be able to hold out for an hour. Damn pigs, go to hell! After Meier shouted angrily. Hundreds of dark fire dragons were released one after another, and these fire dragons raged back and forth in the crowd of magic pig warriors, turning all these ordinary magic pig warriors into ashes. At the same time, the heavy metal Slyme is once again powerful, and it is once again transformed into countless drill bits. Like a dark cloud, it circled along the wall, and wherever it passed, the pig warriors were beaten into beehives and soon fell to the ground. The two of them killed thousands of pig warriors in just a few breaths. Completely smashed the attack of the Demon Pig Clan, and saved the city of the Demon Emperor in imminent danger. At that moment, a sobbing horn sounded. Those who did not die on the battlefield of the pig soldiers immediately like amnesty, hurriedly turned around and ran back, apparently this is the withdrawal of the pig clan horn. Instead of continuing to hunt them down, Meier took us directly to Chengtou and shouted, "Princess of the Demon Royal Family, Youliya is here!"! Which general is guarding the city? At this time, several masters of the Demon Royal Family who had fought a bloody battle rushed over one after another. When one of them saw Meier, he immediately shouted in surprise: "You Liya is really you!"! You came back to pull! "Brother!" As soon as Meier saw it. He immediately jumped on it with joy and hugged the guy who was covered with blood tightly. The old generation of Demon Emperor has many wives, as many as three figures. Unfortunately, the fertility of the Demon Royal Family is too low, so there are only two descendants of them. Their relationship has been very good. Now they meet unexpectedly again, and they are all excited to burst into tears. Several other Demon Royal Clan have also come to congratulate, they are Meier's cousins, the older generation of Demon Royal Clan has basically all died, this generation has less than a double-digit number of people alive, which is far from the number of hundreds of people in the heyday of the Demon Royal Family. And this number of Demon Royal Family is obviously very difficult to continue to multiply, even with my help through the immediate difficulties, to regain control of the Demon World, want to restore their past glorious history, it is basically impossible, at least it is very difficult! Meier and her brother cried for a while and quickly picked up their excitement, after all, they were still on the battlefield. She then chatted with her brother and brought him to see us. Brother, this is my husband,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, Long Qingtian! "Husband," said Meier, "this is my brother Prista." cnkexin.com

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