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When I was reborn, I became a villain. Full-time Job

Nov 22nd, 2022 at 07:22   Independent & Freelance   Wai   282 views Reference: 76
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"At that time, the representative teams of the four academies will enter the Xingyan circle." I see. However, Ai Lao's next words made Su Zi's face slightly tight. Ai Lao said, "Xingyan Realm is an abandoned battlefield, where monsters are rampant, and Reiki is almost scarce, so if you can't use Reiki in it, don't use it. First, the recovery is too slow, and second, there are many crises." "There are many gifted geniuses who can't survive more than half a day after entering the Xingyan world, which is the danger of the Xingyan world." "In addition, the monsters in Xingyan have special means of attack, which is due to the lack of Reiki, leading to the continuous evolution of these monsters in order to survive, there are some scarce mutant monsters, and even attack the soul." "Once you enter it, you will not only face the attack of the monster, but also face the threat of the other three courtyards." Hearing this, Su Zi asked, "isn't it a competition?"? Is the prerequisite for the competition to live together and compete in the end? But Ai Lao touched his beard and asked with a smile, "Do you know why this abandoned battlefield is called Xingyan Realm?" Su Zi shook her head, she knew a ghost! "Although this is a real abandoned continent, after so many years of exploration and control, the four academies have worked together to turn this place into a realm in the palm of their hands.". In other words, this is similar to the space boundary opened up. The people who enter the Xingyan Realm are like chess pieces on the chessboard. The four academies can see the number and movement of people from the chessboard. "The final gathering place of the four academies is Tianyuan in the middle of the chessboard, and the ranking of the four academies is determined by the number of survivors and the final big ratio." "So our every move is being watched in the Xingyan Realm?" Su Zi pulled the corners of his mouth, this feeling has already been experienced once! "No, as the teacher said just now, the posture of Xingyan is like a chessboard, and we can only see the points representing the chess pieces.." "That is to say,x60 line pipe, you can only see the dots and directions of the chess pieces, but you can't see the real picture, right?" Su Zi interrupted Ai Lao, and this time she understood. If so, that's all right, after all, being watched all the time, I believe no one will be happy. This projection is used to confirm the number of people in each hospital, after all, the final ranking needs to be based on this. Clear this point, Su Zi asked again, "inside the monster has a special means of attack, I do not know what kind of means?" Ai Lao looked at Su Zi and smiled jokingly. "It's impossible to defend against attacks without spiritual fluctuations." “……” It seems that the physical body of these monsters is extremely strong, and the mutation of scarce can also carry out soul attacks, as expected, uns c70600 ,321 stainless steel sheet, this star derived world is a bit interesting. Where was the abandoned battlefield? If the martial arts field is the ruins of the dark temple, then I'm afraid this abandoned battlefield also has a background. This teacher can't tell you. After a pause, Ai Lao closed his eyes and meditated. "Go, be careful." Su Zi touched his nose, there were still some words to say, but looking at the old Ai obviously did not want to talk much, so Su Zi had to get up and leave. Looking at Su Zi's back, Ai Lao waved his hand, and the Xian Zhi of the boundary had been lifted. Out of the boundary, Su Zi pinched her chin and thought about it. Now she has won the qualification of the representative team. There is still half a month to go before she enters the Xingyan world. She has enough time to explore Qilan Pagoda. But listening to the meaning of old man Ai, it seems that the colorful bundle of fairy silk has not been discovered so far? That is to say, it will take some time to find the colorful bundle of fairy silk, which may be a few days, dozens of days, or even half a year. It seems that we can only go to find out first, make up our minds, Su Zi also did not go back to the square to watch the trials, alone toward the Qilan Pagoda. About half an hour later, Su Zi arrived at Qilan Pagoda. In the past, it was only a distant view, but now when she really stood in front of Qilan Pagoda, Su Zi found that she had underestimated the beauty of Qilan Pagoda. Exudes the colorful light, high can not see the top, and the top is covered by clouds, even the clouds are dyed into colorful colors, just standing in front of you, you can feel the rich aura, you can imagine how rich the internal aura is! Chapter 453 soul attack. Inside Qilan Pagoda. Too quiet. Apart from the rich aura, there was no sound at all. Divinity, however, can perceive that there is a garrison manager on each floor. As soon as Su Zi walked inside, he saw a middle-aged man sitting cross-legged on the ground meditating. The middle-aged man also opened his eyes at this time and looked at Su Zi with a little doubt in his eyes. At this time, but in the selection of the representative team, all the disciples in Qilan Pagoda went to the square to participate in the selection of the arena except those who had not come out of seclusion. Of course, the little girl came. To enter the Xi xiū Lian room on the first floor, you need to accumulate 10,000 points. The Xi xiū Lian room collects points according to the superposition from low to high, that is to say, the innermost Xi xiūlian room needs 30,000 points. The middle-aged man did not pause and said the amount of the integral fee directly. Su Zi nodded. There are probably dozens of Xi xiū Lian rooms on this floor. The higher the integral charge, the stronger the aura inside. I want the xixiū Lian room in the deepest part. It was impossible to check every Xi xiū Lian room, so Su Zi chose the Xi xiū Lian room with the highest fee. After taking out the red jade card and giving it to the middle-aged man, he saw that he was drawing a line on the side of the table, and soon the integral was drawn. The middle-aged man returned the jade card, and Su Zi nodded to him and walked toward the innermost depths. Watching Su Zi's back, the middle-aged man's eyes flashed slightly, but he did not say much and closed his eyes again to meditate. All the way to the deepest part, the induction door lock on the door of the xixiū Lian room was the same as the residence. It seemed that it had been modified by Ai Lao. He took out the jade card and opened the door. As soon as he pushed it open, the extremely rich aura inside came to his face. It's really thick! The most expensive Xi xiū Lian room! Su Zi stepped in, conveniently closed the door,a333 grade 6 pipe, she did not immediately Xi xiū Lian, after all, the purpose of coming here is not Xi xiū Lian. lksteelpipe.com

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