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Dzi Bead Change-Tang Jiasanshao Full-time Job

Nov 15th, 2022 at 08:06   Independent & Freelance   Captainganj   267 views Reference: 20
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"Wahaha, Wahaha, hahaha.." Crazy laughter suddenly broke out, Huyan Ao Bo laughed too loud, not only Zhou Weiqing, even Fengyu was startled by him. But the fat old man was dancing there, looking so excited to the extreme. Zhou Weiqing looked at Feng Yu inexplicably and said, "Elder Feng, Elder Huyan is not having convulsions, is he?" Feng Yu took a deep look at Zhou Weiqing and murmured, "Envy and jealousy!"! Boy, you just have a bead to repair, can you change the stone cat's eye for people to see? It turns out that there is really a stone cat's eye in the world. Huyan old man, of course, to be crazy, to accept a disciple who has changed stone cat's eye beads, not to mention him, even those dzi bead masters who have cultivated beyond the realm of nine beads will smile from ear to ear. He doesn't know you have the wind attribute, but he wants you to have it, and you do. It can have both space and wind attributes. It can be said that you are born to be a congealer,hydraulic fitting supplier, and you are the best one. Huyan Aobo stopped laughing and looked at Zhou Weiqing again as if he were looking at a rare treasure. "Smelly boy, oh, no, my precious apprentice, you said you had the dual attributes of wind and space!"! In that case, I still consider each fart ah! Even if I lose everything, it's worth it. Not to mention the master level,needle valve manufacturer, even if it is the master level, the divine level, you can also achieve. Zhou Weiqing smiled, stepped forward, patted Huyan Aobo on the shoulder, and said proudly, "Teacher, don't get excited. I said it long ago. This is the moment to witness the miracle.". But you laughed so hard just now. Huyan Aobo smiled, and he didn't care about Zhou Weiqing's last sentence. He was too excited. "Smelly boy, won't you be modest?" Zhou Weiqing said, "Another teacher of mine once said that modesty makes people regress. If you are not proud of yourself, how can others be proud of you?" A smile froze on Huyan Aobo's face. "Do you still have a teacher?" Zhou Weiqing didn't care and said, "I've been with him for two years. Why?"? Can't there be more teachers? But you can rest assured that when I was with that old man, the original bead had not yet awakened. I haven't seen him for a long time, 14 needle valve ,ball valve manufacturer, and I don't know where he has gone. Huyan Aobo breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Since you have just awakened, you are not yet sixteen years old.". How much longer? The congealed scroll must be made after the age of sixteen, otherwise, the blood gas is insufficient and the material can not be manipulated. Zhou Weiqing blinked his eyes and said, "Teacher, I will be fourteen in two months." "What?"? You're not fourteen yet? Huyan Aobo stared at him in surprise. "I can't help it," said Zhou Weiqing triumphantly. "I developed early." Huyan Aobo shook his head and said, "I'm not talking about that. I mean, you're only thirteen years old and you're full of bad water.". I really doubt what your first master taught you. No wonder you call him a lecherous old man. He is not a good thing at first sight. A child who is only thirteen years old is like this. What if you grow up? "Uh.." Zhou Weiqing scratched his head, "Teacher, I am actually a serious person with pure nature.". People give the nickname honest and reliable young man, spotless and beautiful young man. "Bah." After Huyan Aobo accepted Zhou Weiqing as a disciple, the arrogance on his face disappeared long ago. He said with a smile, "You smelly boy is really a stooge. I really don't know why the magic peephole appeared on you.". However, you are not yet fourteen years old, and it seems that you will not be able to learn to make congealed scrolls with me in a short time. What are you doing in the Sky Bow Empire now? "Join the army," said Zhou Weiqing. I am a new recruit this year. I have just joined the third battalion of archers of the fifth regiment of the Sky Bow Empire. My wife is the commander of the third battalion. I am her Qinbing. Feng Yu said with a strange look, "Did you wake up after you entered the military camp?" Zhou Weiqing nodded, "how do you know?" Feng Yu said with a smile, "Silly boy, before you joined the army, you were already a dzi bead master. With the lack of a dzi bead master in the Sky Bow Empire, why don't you hold you up as a treasure?"! Your little girlfriend, as I remember, is known as the first genius of the young generation in the Sky Bow Empire. Not bad. Not bad in a military camp. Just enough to disguise your abilities. Besides your little girlfriend, does anyone else know that your beading is a peephole? "There are two more," said Zhou Weiqing. Feng Yu was stunned. On the other side, Huyan Aobo was already gesturing with a murderous look. "If not, kill them." Zhou Weiqing laughed, "Teacher, are you going to commit suicide?"? Aren't the two I'm talking about you and senior Fengyu? Huyan Aobo froze for a moment, "smelly boy, you speak well to me.". You have to remember that before you break through the six beads and enter the realm of heaven, you should let others know as little as possible that you have the cat's eye of changing stones, do you understand? Otherwise, you will face two kinds of people. One is to attract you by all means, and the other is to kill you by all means. The second watch is coming. Try for the third watch around eight o'clock. Today, I finally feel better. I'm in good spirits after waking up from a nap. It's no problem in the third watch. You can rest assured. Ask for collection and recommendation tickets. Chapter 14 Body Bead Congealing Set (III) Zhou Weiqing nodded and said, "I know that most geniuses are envied." Huyan Aobo looked at his triumphant appearance and almost couldn't help slapping him in the past. "Damn, I'm beginning to doubt whether it's a good thing to accept you as an apprentice or a failure to protect my late life." Zhou Weiqing laughed and said, "Teacher, have you forgotten?"? Just now you have sworn on your life beads, and it's too late to regret. "I.." Huyan Aobo suddenly felt a feeling of wanting to strangle him. But soon he was relieved. After all, he is not a little girl like Shangguan Binger. Although having such an apprentice is a headache for him,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, from another point of view, such an apprentice is obviously much more capable of surviving than an honest child. Teacher, I was wrong. Don't be angry. Have you ever heard of any other place where there is a dzi bead maker who has changed the stone cat's eye beads? Zhou Weiqing asked curiously. chinaroke.com

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