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Apartment in hell Full-time Job

Nov 15th, 2022 at 08:13   Independent & Freelance   Canning   312 views Reference: 40
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Bai Wenqing is anxious and angry, finally, he also sent ruthless, the dagger fiercely stabbed, but Luo Xi is one hand fiercely grasped the blade! Suddenly, blood trickled down and flowed out. How sharp is this dagger? But Luo Xi tightly grasps the dagger, unexpectedly does not shout not to shout, or desperately hugs Bai Wenqing, does not let him hurt Yifeng. Bai Wenqing is simply unimaginable, even if he is a fool, always clear pain, right? He grabbed the dagger directly with his hand, but he didn't cry out for pain at all, and he just wanted to stop himself? This guy.. This moment of stupefaction, Luo Xi cried out again, mercilessly bit in Bai Wenqing's hand holding the dagger! Bai Wenqing's hand shook with pain and the dagger fell to the ground. He also knows at the moment, want to kill Luo Yifeng, must want to kill this fool! You and I have no quarrel, but I must kill you! I can't leave my parents, but if there is a glimmer of hope, I can't let it go! Bai Wenqing said this sentence very quickly, then clenched his fist and smashed it on Luo Xi's neck! Luo Xi suddenly screamed and could only let go. Then he punched Rohee in the face, and Rohee's body flew upside down to the ground, bleeding from his mouth. You stop it! When Bai Wenqing heard this, he was stunned. Luo Yifeng! He thought, Luo Xi stopped this period of time, she had already run away, unexpectedly did not go far? Bai Wenqing looked at Luo Xi, who had fallen to the ground in a mess, and wondered if he had come back for this fool? If so, he also admired Luo Yifeng in his heart. But unfortunately, since she came back, she naturally had to do it herself. There was very little time left before the deadline, and he could not let her go because of sympathy. The same is the resident, there is no reason to want to die, help her. Under the same conditions, nature depends on his ability. If he is killed, he will have to accept his fate. You stop. Yifeng looked at Luo Xi, who was bleeding from Bai Wenqing,akba boswellic acid, and felt a burst of anger in her heart. To be honest, after all, she had never thought of taking the initiative to kill people, but Bai Wenqing is now coming in a murderous manner, and naturally she will not be soft-handed any more. The same is a knife out, Yifeng face is full of the color of determination. In terms of time, in about five minutes, it will be the time for Bai Wenqing to die. So, as long as you kill Bai Wenqing in five minutes with Luo Xi, you will be able to survive. If the other party comes to the door first, you can't blame yourself! Although Yifeng is kind-hearted, she is not a pedantic person! Of course, as a woman, she has a weakness, but just now Luo Xi bit Bai Wenqing's right hand, for her, it is a good opportunity! Bai Wenqing knew that he could not continue to drag on, these two people, at least to kill one! His time is running out! In fact, to be precise, carnosic acid price ,naringenin price, Bai Wenqing has more than four minutes left. A period of time neither long nor short. He is not sure, can in this period of time, guarantee to kill Luo Yifeng. But now there is no other way. His injured right hand was still bleeding, and he could only use his left hand now, which naturally greatly weakened his strength. But he didn't hesitate. And Luo Xi reaction is also very quick, immediately climb up, block in front of Yifeng, hands open, although the corners of the mouth are still bleeding, but still refused to concede: "I absolutely do not let you hurt sister!"! Sister said, she wants to live! I must let my sister live! Be sure to live! Volume 28 Wax Figure Chapter 14 The Seventh Wax Figure At this time, Yifeng has mixed feelings. A man with a clear head wants to kill himself, but this fool is risking his life to protect himself. Just because I have been kind to him. At a time when she was isolated and her life was threatened, the only person who protected her was Luo Xi! Heart filled with a burst of touching, this child, do not know their own life is also a candle in the wind, do not know what kind of desperate situation they are facing. He just remembered Yifeng's sister, just remembered that he couldn't let anyone hurt her. Luo Xi, you don't have to protect me, "Yifeng stood in front of Luo Xi at this time, let a mentally retarded youth protect themselves, Luo Yifeng thought he could not do it.". "Bai Wenqing, you started it, so don't blame me!" Yifeng at the moment in the eyes of a burst of anger, at the moment of her, is already a mass of anger in the chest! A trace of affection for Bai Wenqing in the past is also gone! Then, she also no longer nonsense, holding the dagger, is rushed to Bai Wenqing! But Luo Xi is also anxious immediately, shouts: "elder sister." Sister, let me help you! However, at this time, a voice that made Yifeng's heart sink completely sounded: "Finally." Found it. She immediately turned around and saw Lin Huanzhi standing not far behind her! Lin Huanzhi, Bai Wenqing! These two people together, her situation will become how, naturally clear! These two people are dead in front of their own, of course, will not let go of themselves! "I help you contain Luo Xi," Lin Huanzhi at this time expression is still very indifferent, "Bai Wenqing, four minutes, you killed Luo Yifeng!" Seeing this, Bai Wenqing was overjoyed! Originally he also has a headache to Luo Xi unceasingly, now Lin Huanzhi also joins, then was absolutely safe! Moreover, he blocked Luo Yifeng's retreat, that is to say, she could not escape even if she wanted to! Spell a spell, even if only with the left hand, also can not be in four minutes, kill Luo Yifeng! At this time, he no longer wastes time, after all, every minute is very precious now! So with a loud roar, he rushed straight at Luo Yifeng! And Luo Xi is about to go up to protect, but Lin Huanzhi rushed quickly, grabbed Luo Xi's arm, pulled him behind him, then pressed his head, and severely pressed him to the ground! "Let go!"! Bad guy, bad guy, let me go! I want to save my sister! Luo Xi immediately struggled desperately, but Lin Huanzhi was very easy to control him,pumpkin seed extract, looking at Luo Yifeng and Bai Wenqing's battle group. Four minutes.. Can this hypothesis be tested? Lin Huanzhi murmured, at the same time pressing Luo Xi's hand is also more and more strength, does not give him any opportunity. prius-biotech.com

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