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Genius Idiot Witch Love Full-time Job

Nov 15th, 2022 at 08:06   Independent & Freelance   Canning   333 views Reference: 19
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He was still stubbornly turning his head to stare at me, panting heavily, with a pair of green and evergreen eyes burning with anger, flashing two bright sharp lights: "Shameless witch!"! What you said is nice! Kill me! I'd rather die of poisoning than have this dirty thing stuck in my body! Take it! Hurry up and take it away! Chapter two, five, three, twilight north chronicle (twenty-six) With a sigh and a little more strength in my hand, I continued to slowly push the silver-white snake's teeth toward the sensitive part of the delicate chrysanthemum cave in his lower body. I still said gently, "Doesn't my brother like hunting?"? You should know that there is no turning back arrow. Even if the elder brother wants to die, he has to wait for Nannan to detoxify the elder brother and then break it by himself! "Ah!!!" At the moment of the violent advance, I had succeeded in awakening his pain, watching him raise his long neck and let out a long, rough howl like a wolf from the depths of his throat. Then, after the sudden gasp of self-suppression, the angry roar that had long lost its gentle tone: "Shameless witch!"! If you don't kill me now, I swear in the name of noble warrior! You will die without a burial place in the future! But also only have time to say this one sound words. After the pain has been awakened, he will experience the extreme beauty of the alternation of physical pain and pleasure. I stopped for a moment, slightly narrowed Cuizhu's edge, stroked his firm buttocks carefully back and forth, pinched his tight smooth buttocks with two fingers, and praised him with a giggle: "I didn't expect my brother to be so sensitive here!"! Pretty good! Pretty good! Nannan likes beautiful and honest dolls best! "Shameless witch!"! I won't let you go! I won't leave you alone!. Turned his head and stared angrily at my pair of green and evergreen deep eyes, burning their brilliance, bright and brilliant than the flames of heaven. I sighed and suddenly changed into a gentle smile. I looked at his sweaty and handsome face and said softly, "Did my brother ever say that he would let Nannan go?"? Now that it's doomed, the elder brother won't let Nannan go. Why don't Nannan catch the elder brother first? "Don't talk nonsense!"! How could I be destined with a witch like you? The woman of my destiny is not you! Definitely not you dirty witch!!! Not deceiving, bright eyes reflected in my clear smile, but suddenly lost the moment, immediately again burst bright sharp light, eyes fierce and beautiful as beasts. Is since half squint eyes, fine taste his gorgeous beauty can not square things wild look, but had to find that the golden texture on his face began to emerge a layer of light blue, not good! The snake's teeth had not yet fully entered his body, and the grass was about to be unable to stop his poisonous blood from spreading wantonly. I lowered my head and pushed the silver-white snake teeth, which were still mostly naked and standing between his tight buttocks, slowly and forcefully, without hesitation. I felt that he was trying to gather up his tender muscles, trying to resist the merciless snake teeth from entering the private depths of his backyard, but I did not know that this would cause the already tight tenderness to tighten more and more, precision welded tubes ,aluminium coated steel tube, but inadvertently aggravated the stimulation of the thick long snake teeth controlled by my skillful hands to the sensitive areas of his intestinal wall. In the slow process of my deep push into the suffocating tenderness of King Galen, he could not stop the unusual excitement of the cold foreign body invading his body with tenacity, and instinctively gathered his naked straight legs tightly and tightly. I do not know when, has been proud to raise the head mercilessly down, as if to be buried in the soil. It could be seen that he was enduring, and the golden and dazzling sweat was shining on the tight and strong muscles of his whole body. Finally, a sweet and soft, such as the graceful groan of jade beauty, from that I do not know when, suddenly lost his voice between the lips and teeth, can not be heard to overflow: "Well." He reached out and stroked the strong bud under his flat abdomen, pressed the hot bell mouth of the jade stem, and the sticky wetness came from his fingertips. Demon. Female. You don't. Don't touch me there! I promised! I promised her! A slightly quivering body, a slightly quivering voice. I giggled and asked, "Could it be that my brother promised the destined woman that he would keep himself like a jade?" Fragments of memory, do you need me to find them for you? Looked at him a little confused, and some sober eyes, for a moment, I was unable to make up my mind: in the end is to think of good? Or is it better to forget it all? Chapter Two, Five, Four, Evening North Chronicle (Twenty-seven) "How is that possible?" Enduring the pain and stimulation of being invaded by snake teeth, Wang Junya's face was full of pride and pride. "How can a man defend himself like a jade for a woman?"? There are three thousand beauties in my harem, all scrambling to warm my bed. I have to worry about it every day. The words blurted out from his own mouth, but he was completely stunned, only a moment, the fundus has been pouring out of endless fear and confusion: "How can this be?"? Who the hell am I? Why do I have three thousand beauties? I promised her. Why? Ah Ruthlessly, the silver-white snake teeth completely penetrated his tender intestines, slightly squinting the cold light of Cuizhu, after listening to his murmur, the naked body trembled sharply, and once again issued a long shrill cry of pain. A fine layer of painful sweat gradually floated up from the suddenly tight texture, with a pale dark blue in the golden color, and my fingers slowly slid across his tough back and stopped at his tight waist. I giggled: "Don't you remember, brother?"? Your brother's name, you told her yourself, told her to remember your name. "Demon.". Woman! Take it away! Get this dirty thing out of me quickly! This kind of thing will make my life worse than death! Feeling the trembling body of King Galen suddenly stiffen at my fingertips, I tried to control the breath that was too rapid, and let out a cry of grief and indignation from my mouth. I stretched out my arms lightly, hugged his strong waist, slowly leaned my whole body on his bare back, and said softly in his ear: Did my brother really forget? Brother's name? My name? The witch knows my name? The red gold body,stainless steel 304 pipes, which was beginning to feel cold, was tightly covered and hugged by my tender body. He had stopped shouting and looked back at my handsome and elegant face. Although he still could not bear the color of humiliation, he could not help but calm down a lot. cbiesautomotive.com

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