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Give him sweet kisses Full-time Job

Nov 22nd, 2022 at 07:17   Independent & Freelance   Darbhanga   287 views Reference: 65
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On the table, two people eat dumplings, Jiang Chong looked at the opposite person, several times to speak and stop. Jiang Youqi felt his line of sight and slowed down the speed of eating dumplings. In the end, there was only soup left in the bowl, and no one got up first. They were all bored drinking soup, a spoonful of soup, wishing they could drink only one drop at a time. That one Finally, Jiang Chongxian spoke: "Yes, I saw the yogurt in the refrigerator. Did you make it?" Jiang Youqi stirred the clear soup with a spoon and shook his head: "It's made by Wu Luoluo next door." Not surprisingly, Jiang Chong raised his eyebrows without leaving any trace and said, 'Oh.' "So, are you two in," he drawled, trying to be careful: "a relationship over friendship?" Jiang Youqi raised his eyes and did not react for a moment. He carefully pondered the word'friendship above ', associating with all kinds of things between him and Wu Luoluo, compared with the feelings of Duan Yi and Qi Lin, Wu Luoluo is indeed closer. No, much closer. That is, the meaning of association. Jiang Chong thought Jiang Youqi didn't understand and said, "If you're in love, I don't object. Don't worry. I feel the little girl next door is very good." "Huh?" Jiang Youqi's brain was confused for a moment,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, and the spoon in his hand fell into the bowl with a crisp sound. He stared at Jiang Chong a little, moved his lips, and for a moment did not know what to say. Later, Jiang Youqi covered his mouth with his hand, coughed twice, and his eyes drifted away: "No, we are just classmates." "Classmate?" Jiang Chong was obviously not convinced: "Slippers are ready for others, she also carefully cooked so many delicious food for you,Planetary Gear Motor, have taken care of you, or just a classmate?" "Ah," the table legs rubbed against the floor. Jiang Youqi stood up and leaned on the dining table with both hands. He lowered his head, his face was burning and his ears were red. He said quickly, "I'm really just a classmate. Don't talk nonsense." Hurrying to the living room, Jiang Youqi stood on the edge of the tea table and did not know what he was doing here. He looked around and scratched his hair, feeling empty for no reason. Seeing the tea leaves under the tea table, Jiang Youqi suddenly came up with an idea in his mind. What would she do if it was Wu Luoluo? Thinking for a moment, Jiang Youqi bent down, took out the tea, returned to the table, and put it at Jiang Chong's hand. Jiang Chong was still thinking about Jiang Youqi's shy appearance just now. He looked at the tea and looked up without knowing why. Classmate, classmate said to send you. Pointing to the tea leaves stiffly, Jiang Youqi pursed his lips, and finally, 12v High Torque Motor ,Small Geared Motors, with a'hmm ', turned around and left without pinching. Jiang Chong picked up the tea in surprise and looked at the back of Jiang You who hurried back to the bedroom in his pajamas and smiled. After a short rest, Jiang Chong took out the gift he had prepared for Wu Luoluo, looked at the time, and knocked at the door. Wu Luoluo opened the door quickly. As soon as Jiang Chong saw Wu Luoluo, the smile on his face slowly solidified. He first saw Wu Luoluo's pajamas, and then saw her red eyes. The room was quiet. Through a small gap, he could catch a glimpse of a small corner of the kitchen, filled with newly bought vegetables. I brought it for you. "Jiang Chong smiled gently again and handed the thing in his hand to Wu Luoluo:" It was recommended by my colleague. It looks very suitable for such a lovely little girl as you. I took it back this time. " Wu Luoluo took it over and forced a smile. She politely replied to Jiang Chong, "Thank you, uncle." After a pause, she asked, "Jiang Youqi, did he get up?" "Get up," Jiang Chong back, open a comfortable distance: "just had a meal, now back to the bedroom, do not know what to do. "He has been doing very well recently," Wu Luoluo sniffed and said. "He has made great progress in his studies and gets along well with his classmates. His personality is not as cold as before." Last time Wu Luoluo sent a message to Jiang Chong and reported something about Jiang Youqi. Jiang Chong was very happy to hear it. Now he was even more surprised and happy to hear it. Thanks to your care, Xiao Qi is lucky to have such a good classmate as you. Two people are polite a few words, Jiang Chong did not stay much, went back. He stood at the door of Jiang Youqi's bedroom and knocked on the door twice. "Your little girlfriend seems to have cried. She's the only one in her house. Why don't you go and have a look?" Not two seconds, Jiang Youqi opened the door out, the first sentence is: "Not girlfriend.". ” Jiang Chong watched Jiang Youqi sitting on the sofa fiddling with the remote control with great interest, and his mind was not on the TV. Not a little girlfriend, but wearing a couple's pajamas? Holding his arms, Jiang Chong misses his youth life a little. His youth is all about learning. I still study by myself, and it seems that there is nothing to miss. With the movement on his hand, Jiang Youqi looked down at the little yellow duck pajamas on his body and touched his nose uncomfortably: "I don't know. Maybe I bought the same one carelessly." Jiang Youqi, who picked out pajamas from the Internet for one night, said so. Jiang Chong did not speak again and went to the kitchen to wash the dishes. After a while, the people in the living room began to fidget, scratching their necks and pacing back and forth. In less than two minutes, they were going out. Where to go? Jiang Chong shouted to stop Jiang Youqi who opened the door. Jiang Youqi paused for a few seconds and replied, "Go shopping." Jiang Chong: "Wear pajamas?" Jiang Youqi:.. He didn't speak and went out directly. - Wu Luoluo sat on the sofa in the living room, holding a pillow, looking at a place on the carpet in a trance, wilting like a frosted flower. Not long ago, my parents called to say that they could not come back on New Year's Day, and her expectations for half a year were in vain. When the doorbell rang, Wu Luoluo slowly put on his shoes and rubbed against the entrance to open the door. Outside the door stood Jiang Youqi, wearing only thin pajamas. His hair was half dry, and the ends of his hair were a little frozen. It's really cold outside. You Wu Luoluo hurriedly let him in and stood watching him for a moment without knowing where to start. Where did you get your pajamas? She hugged the pillow and looked at Jiang Youqi, and then looked at herself, the same little yellow duck. Why don't you put on a coat on such a cold day? You're not afraid of catching a cold. Wu Luoluo went to the sofa to get a blanket and let him put it on. Little rabbit eyes red, a little swollen, a look is crying, in addition to her no one else at home,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, especially lonely, do not think carefully, but also know the reason why she is sad. ichgearmotor.com

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Marriage in the underworld is unpredictable