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Marry a rich and powerful old man by Qianfeng Yihe Full-time Job

Nov 15th, 2022 at 08:07   Independent & Freelance   Canacona   701 views Reference: 22
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A mouthful of porridge stuffed in his mouth was safe and sound. After thinking about it, he did not understand what the other party meant. He blinked and continued to look at him with a simple face: "Ah?" Huo Yunchuan felt suffocated when he found that the teenager really didn't understand. Nothing, you eat. He accepted the fact that the other side did not understand anything. Then try to get the adult stuff out of your mind and sit down to breakfast with each other. Before eight o'clock in the morning, he was safely sent home by Huo Yunchuan, and then he went out in his father's car. No illness, no disease. Ding Wei knocked on the door of his brothers and called people to get up to wash and eat breakfast. Sitting at his own table, safe and sound in silence, he thought that it was not his style to call someone to get up at five o'clock in the morning to accompany him to eat. Is this a complication of having a baby? "Why are you in a daze? Eat." An Wuyu knocked on his brother's hand with chopsticks. Hiss. Chopsticks hit the knuckles very painful, safe and sound to the line of sight from the window back, quietly staring at the sister. Chapter 25 Mother's breakfast is white porridge with fried dough sticks, we all eat with relish, only safe and sound to the fried dough sticks swallow saliva, not want to eat, he wants to vomit. Here you are The deep-fried dough sticks bought downstairs were given to my brother, who ate porridge by himself. Dad looked at it and said, "How did you become picky?"? I don't eat such fragrant fried dough sticks. Safe and sound says: "I am afraid a little while to take a car to be able to vomit." Then he finished the porridge and took the nanny bag given by Mr. Huo, which contained water cups, umbrellas, wet paper towels and bottled dried fruit preserves. And a small blanket with a happy pattern. At half past eight, the whole family dressed up and went out together. My mother and sister wore bright and slim dresses,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, with delicate makeup on their faces, and turned heads when they went out. Dad is in his forties, and he has a good figure among his peers. He also wears a leisure suit with panache. Safe and sound and brother are relatively simple, that is, T-shirts, shorts and sports shoes. Mr. and Mrs. Ann, are you going out? On the way, I met my neighbors in the same community and saw this family,38 tube fitting, which was really envious. Yes, Mrs. Chen. Ding Wei knows that these full-time housewives all envy themselves. They have a high degree and a good job. Their husbands and children all listen to each other. Sometimes she feels that this is quite satisfying. Although there is also pressure, but the situation of middle-class families is like this, life is so so, less than the top and more than the bottom. The house is the money that parents have saved all their lives. They bought it in full when they got married. Without the pressure of mortgage, they don't know how many colleagues envy it. The car is a new car a few years ago, Honda Civic, with a mortgage of seventy or eighty thousand yuan, and it will be repaid for two years. Commuting is a couple together before, driving out is convenient and cost-effective; since the couple separated from the company, Ding Wei went to work by car, Ancheng also went to work by car. After all, it is a small city, relying on reading to promote a class, 38 needle valve ,12 needle valve, the concept of Ancheng's bones, thrifty and tolerant. This part of the gene is passed on to the second child of their family. Unfortunately, the second child is not good at reading, and the only advantage left is hard work. Ann, hard-working and unharmed, sat by the window, with a happy blanket on her abdomen and licorice-flavored dried plums in her mouth. Brother, I want it, too. An Wuji is very suitable for his age in eating. Eat it My brother gave him the whole jar. The sister with her arms in her arms had a strange look in her eyes. What did she see her brother drink? Medlar in water? Get in the car and hold the little blanket? Wet paper towel sunshade! Isn't this a must for a delicate girl? "The cup was also sent by someone else?" Fortunately, my sister's voice was small, and my parents didn't hear me chatting. Safe bored according to the logo search, especially good, this humble small broken cup is worth two thousand yuan, it is really a little rich woman, more generous than the rich second generation chasing her. Looking at her sister's expression, she knew that the things used by Mr. Huo were not cheap. But it's not normal to be able to buy a large private company, which should be very rich. Ancheng accidentally looked at the rearview mirror, his eyes lit up, it was a luxury car, a man's favorite, but unfortunately he could not afford it in his life, he could only look. Tut. The license plate number is also easy to remember, and a breath of local tyrants is coming. An Cheng's guess can be wronged Huo Yunchuan, he is not a local tyrant, three generations of ancestors are rich. Only Ji Mingjue, like him, was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Jiang Shaofei and Chen Chu are the second generation, the kind of father who started from scratch, much inferior to the Huo family and the Ji family in terms of family background. When the four of them made friends, they didn't particularly care about these things. They only cared about whether they were like-minded and sincere. You know, it's not easy for people in their circle to make a true friend when they grow up. Huo Yunchuan followed the Honda in front of him and occasionally sent a voice message to the teenager in the Honda: "Did you vomit?"? Is there any discomfort? "No, Mr. Huo, please drive carefully," Anwu replied. I'm a good driver. Said the man in a low, heavy voice. It has long been found that Mr. Huo's voice has a special effect. He rubbed his ears with headphones safely, without much thought, and did not know that the correct adjective of this voice is sexy. It's just that every time I listen to the phone, my ears will itch, and I don't know what's going on. -Well, I'll take a nap. Dad said there are still 30 kilometers. According to the current speed, we have to drive for about half an hour. Is the blanket covered? Don't blow directly into the draught. Did you buy the happy blanket? Huo Yunchuan paused and denied: "No, it's my assistant." There was no news later, because he put down his cell phone and tilted his head to sleep. Half an hour later, they arrived directly at the hotel where they ate. As soon as they got off the bus, they looked for the bathroom. Holding back the urine safely in the men's toilet was followed by Huo Yunchuan, his face wrinkled,stainless steel needle valve, not in the mood to say hello, first urinate a bubble. You're just peeing here? Huo Yunchuan gritted his teeth and said, "Go inside." chinaroke.com

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