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Secret Agent's First Daughter: Wang Ye, Please Only Favor Guan Ruo Li Dongming's Son Yuyun Full-time Job

Nov 15th, 2022 at 08:06   Independent & Freelance   Canning   573 views Reference: 21
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Here the skirt is very wide, outsiders can not see her little movements, even if the eyes are good, if you do not pay attention to have to be fooled. Shangguan Ruoxian and her friends have used this trick to make the original owner make a fool of himself in public many times, and the original owner will not want to go out for several months after each embarrassment. "If Shangguan centrifugal nameless fire, directly aimed at her ankle bone position kicked the past." Ah Two people at the same time lightly shout, Shangguan Ruoli hold almost fell Shangguan Ruoxian, "sister, all right, I seem to kick something." "No, nothing!" Ankle bone was kicked in this position, the pain of the sour strength, so that Shangguan Ruoxian tears to flow out, but still have to endure their own limping. Shangguan Ruoli didn't exert much force, otherwise she would have broken her ankle. After all, they were all daughters of the Shangguan family, and in such a diplomatic occasion,pipe fittings manufacturer, they were both prosperous and damaged. Shangguan Ruoxian this fool does not understand this truth, Shangguan Ruoli is to understand. Anping Princess East Yuehua also took advantage of this meeting to be released from the grounding, and Xu Jingxuan sat there waiting to see the good play. The two of them were not very surprised to see that Shangguan Ruoli had escaped the disaster and that Shangguan Ruoxian had been frustrated. At the last flower palace banquet, Xu Jingxuan wanted to use this trick. Yin Shangguan Ruoli was severely trampled by her and limped for several days. The two of them looked at each other tacitly, and they wondered, "Is this blind man not blind?"? With a smile on her lips,brass tube fitting, she asked for a Rouge box from the maid of honor. With her wide sleeves, she picked out some with her nails and sprinkled them on a dish of Poria cocos cake in front of her. The bright red Rouge sprinkled on the snow-white Poria cocos cake was particularly striking. "Go and give it to the blind man, and say that it was given by the princess!" Zheng Shuyue that mix not stingy has not come, others are afraid of her identity, see will only be invisible. Yes The maid bowed and picked up the dish and walked to the seat of Shangguan Ruoli. "I've seen Miss Shangguan. This is the Tuckahoe Cake given to you by Princess Anping." Shangguan Ruoli just sat down on his knees and bowed slightly. "Thank you, Princess." In the heart however cold hum: "Weasel pays a New Year call to chicken!"! As soon as I looked at the Rouge on the tuckahoe cake, I immediately understood the purpose of Dongming Yuehua. That idiot is quite clever, met twice to suspect that her eyes are good, the children growing up in the palace are really not simple! Rejoice naturally saw the Rouge, and her eyes sank. Shangguan Ruoli stretched out and groped to take the tuckahoe cake. Rejoice stepped forward with a frightened look and took a clean tuckahoe cake from the plate on the original table and put it in Shangguan Ruoli. Shangguan Ruoli praised Rejoice for her cleverness. She took the Tuckahoe cake and put it in her mouth. There was a flash of disdain in Dongming Yuehua's eyes, and it seemed that he was oversensitive. This blind man has been blind for so many years, and he hasn't heard of any famous doctor. How can he suddenly get better? Today's banquet is still a separate table for men and women, tube fitting manufacturer ,stainless steel tube fitting, sitting opposite each other from east to west. The ten princes, Dong Zizi Ling, shuttled back and forth in the seats of the female guests, solemnly looking at the ladies attending the meeting, and very seriously choosing a daughter-in-law for themselves. Walking past Shangguan Ruoli's table, Shangguan Ruoli deliberately stretched out to the plate of Poria cocos cake. What is this The little fellow's eyes were very fierce, and he immediately found something wrong. "Why is there something red on this tuckahoe cake?" Chapter 84! We have a situation Rejoice timely reminded: "Your Highness!"! Don't shout, this is a gift from Princess Anping to my eldest lady! She lowered her voice in fear, but as the ten princes called the hall quiet, everyone heard every word. The nurse of the ten princes was so frightened that her face was bloodless. She quickly picked up the ten princes and withdrew from the hall. All the women around him stretched their necks to see what was going on, and the look at Princess Anping became strange. Dongming Yuehua's face turned red, and she counted that no one, including Rejoice, dared to speak out, but she did not count the innocent ten princes. More than ten meters apart from the male seats, but because it is too far to see clearly, Shangguan Tianxiao hurriedly sent Shangguan Yu, who came as an attendant, to check. Shangguanyu took the dish of Poria cocos cake with ingredients and presented it to Shangguan Tianxiao, "General!" As soon as Shangguan Tianxiao saw it, his face turned black. He presented the Tuckahoe Cake to Dongzizi Che. He saluted and said, "Prince, I'll give it to you.". ” A look at that thing is Rouge, since there is no fear of life, this occasion should not be pursued, or wait for the end of the banquet to deal with. Dong Zizi Che is the highest status here, of course, he will take charge of the overall situation. He was also this unruly sister who did not know the depth of heaven and earth blushed with shame and made fun of the daughter of the hero in front of the envoys of various countries. How could this make the Dongming royal family feel? Sure enough, the most venomous Beiling Moxue spoke first: "Princess Dongming is really well-bred. The great general of Zhenguo is fighting on the battlefield and defending the country. His blind daughter is treated like this in the palace." Now, Shangguan Ruoli feels that this venomous tongue is not so annoying. The Dongming royal family should really learn some lessons, otherwise they would think that they were the only ones in the world. Nanyun Lengyue's long and narrow eyes were full of schadenfreude. "It really hurt the hearts of the generals who shed blood and sweat for the Dongming court!" The representative of the Xirong Mission was a handsome man of the prairie people with pigtails, a big earring and a moustache, who only sipped from a teacup. Xirong was the weakest in the four countries, and this time he was defeated to sue for peace. Naturally, he would not get involved in trouble. No country could be provoked by Xirong. Beiling Moxue put on a look of regret and sadness and sighed, "Hey!"! In our Beiling, even if Miss Shangguan is not a princess, she will be respected by the royal family. Dongming Ziyu looked coldly at Dongming Yuehua, unable to see any emotional changes. The son of the East was blushed and his neck was thick,14 tube fitting, and he winked at the moon of the East. Dongming Yuehua had to stand up reluctantly and scrape her ears at the maid of honor. "Bold and cheap!"! Dare to make feet on the cake given by the princess to Miss Shangguan! The maid of honor covered her face with tears of grievance, but still knelt down and kowtowed: "The maidservant knows her mistake!"! The maidservant was just jealous of the beauty of Miss Shangguan, so she had the heart of teasing! Just a little Rouge on the cake! "Somebody!"! Pull it down! Dongming Yuehua Yang ordered. chinaroke.com

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