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Iron Sword and Red Mark Full-time Job

Nov 15th, 2022 at 08:13   Independent & Freelance   Canning   346 views Reference: 39
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When Fu Tianlin heard this, his face turned red and he replied, "Fu Tianlin is not a lascivious person. He is just thinking about Weng Wuyuan, a camel in white. With the'Zhu Hong Sword ', which is the best in Wulin, and the'Sky Blue Poison Sword', which is used to fight against Rui Bingxin in the East China Sea, it must be amazing and wonderful!"! It is a pity Without waiting for Fu Tianlin to finish speaking, Bai yuanzhang said with a smile, "It's not true that Weng Wuyuan, a camel in white, made an appointment with Rui Bingxin, a fierce woman in the East China Sea, in the third watch. It's just a subtotal I used to'divert the tiger away from the mountain 'in order to save my brother." Fu Tianlin asked in surprise, "Elder Bai, how do you know that Rui Bingxin, a woman in the East China Sea, is looking for Weng Wuyuan, a camel in white, to fight a duel?" Bai Wuzhang said with a smile, "As soon as I arrived in the neighboring provinces of the East China Sea, I heard rumors everywhere that'the skeleton has entered the hands of the fierce woman, and the sky-blue poisonous sword is waiting for the camel man. 'Then I was inspired to come up with a plan." After that, he narrated the murder of Wanbo scholar Peng Han, Changbai drinker Xiong Danian, who had come to the East China Sea to meet him, and asked Fu Tianlin if he had ever seen Feng Xiaoqing, the aimless fairy, Mi Yan,rosmarinic acid supplement, Meng Wu, and Xiong Danian, the Changbai drinker, as well as whether the purple bamboo piccolo in his hand was the thing of the purple flute green mule Jia Yi? Fu Tianlin then went to the East China Sea to see Xiong Danian, a white drinker. As for Feng Xiaoqing, a blind fairy, he had already gone to Cuiwei Island to seek revenge. Mi Yan, a demon in colorful clothes, broke his wrist under the ancient fragrant "Sky Blue Poison Sword" of Raksha in red. He told Bai yuanzhang in detail and told him that he had made an alliance with the people of Jia Yi and that the purple bamboo piccolo had temporarily changed the red mark iron sword! After hearing this, Bai yuanzhang exulted and said, "According to what Fu Laodi said,turmeric extract powder, the East China Sea Owl Woman, the Jade Finger Spirit Snake Xiaoyaozi, the Southern Wilderness Blind Road, and the'Three Evil Men Outside the Territory ', as well as Lei Zhenyu, the'Bronze Drum Tianzun' old monster from the Miao territory, have already formed a lot of resentment in a complicated way."! If we can try to expand and deepen their resentment, it will certainly be of great help to the future battle between good and evil. Before he had finished speaking, he suddenly looked to the right and said to Fu Tianlin with a smile, "Brother Fu, the three disciples of the East China Sea Owl are all on the island. No ordinary Wulin character would dare to provoke her at all!"! This lonely boat, in the middle of the night, sailed directly to Cuiwei Island. The people on board were by no means ordinary. Could it be that I made the fake come true? Did Weng Tuozi really come? Fu Tianlin looked with Bai Wuzhang's eyes, and sure enough, he saw a lonely boat, under the toad spirit, between the waves like a mirror, floating forward in the direction of Cuiwei Island. Not only was Fu Tianlin curious in his heart, but even the benevolent national player Hua Tuo Bai Wuzhang could hardly believe that things were really so coincidental? Tiller slightly move, to meet the lonely boat, lutein and zeaxanthin supplements ,pumpkin seed extract, want to see people, whether it is expected in the heart? But when the two boats were about ten feet apart, Bai Wuzhang suddenly looked startled. He raised his True Qi from the Dantian and shouted, "Brother Ge, I've been away from Dongting for five years. I want to kill Bai Wuzhang!" Although Ge Yu learned from his beloved disciple Zhen Qiushui that Hua Tuo and Bai yuanzhang had gone to the East China Sea to meet the Changbai drinker Xiong Danian, he never expected to meet him on the sea! Seeing that the other party was sailing from Cuiwei Island, he felt a little strange in his heart, so he suddenly lifted his breath and grew up with a very common "long arrow through the clouds", but when he was about six feet high, he turned around and jumped down, and his arms were like a giant seagull, gently landing on the bow of the boat where Bai Wuzhang and Fu Tianlin were sitting! This kind of peerless flying skill, slow to say Fu Tianlin, even contemporary martial arts swordsman, benevolent national player Sai Hua Tuan Bai yuanzhang, also saw a jump in the heart, sighing that it was rare in his life. Ge Yu's eyes were so sharp that he saw the purple bamboo piccolo in Fu Tianlin's hand in midair. So after exchanging pleasantries with Bai Wuzhang, he asked Fu Tianlin with a smile, "Is this brother surnamed Fu?" As early as from the name of Bai Wuzhang, Fu Tianlin guessed that the man must be the teacher of his younger brother, the Purple Flute Green Mule Jia Yi. As soon as they faced each other, they felt even more that Ge Yu's Fengshen Yichong made people respect him as soon as they saw him. They quickly bowed down and replied, "Learn from Fu Tianlin at the end of Wulin. Pay a visit to Elder Ge!" Foolish Ge stretched out his hand to stop Fu Tianlin from bowing down and said with a smile, "Your teacher, old man Luofu, was my moral friend in the past year. My good nephew called me Martial Uncle." As Fu Tianlin said, he changed his name to Martial Uncle. With a smile on his face, Ge Yuren looked at him carefully and felt that this son's roots and bones were really extraordinary, and his character was even more like a jade tree facing the wind! I can't help praising my beloved disciple Zhen Qiushui for his high vision and his ability to recognize people! Bai Wuzhang first thanked Ge Yuren for sending the Purple Flute and Green Mule to Jiulianshan Moyunbi to report the news and help each other, and then narrated the story of Cuiwei Island in the East China Sea. Ge Yuren closed his eyes in silence and said to Bai Wuzhang with a smile, "Brother Xiong Danian, since he will go to the East China Sea in the future, I expect him to go straight to the Miao territory." At this point, he turned to Bo Tianlin and said with a smile, "Nephew Fu, do you know that my disciple, because you have made an appointment for half a month, has not yet expired, and suspects that you are in danger again, and is looking for him separately from me?"! I've come to Cuiwei Island in the East China Sea, where Rui Bingxin is an owl in the East China Sea. He has gone to Yulong Peak in the Qilian Mountains, where the Jade Finger Snake Xiaoyaozi lives. Have you been looking for him? Only then did Fu Tianlin realize that this Martial Uncle Ge had actually come for himself. He couldn't help but be frightened. He asked in a hurry, "Martial Uncle Ge, although my brother Jia is quite good at martial arts, I'm afraid he's definitely not the enemy of the famous old demons like the'Jade Finger Spirit Snake Xiaoyaozi '.." When Foolish Ge heard Fu Tianlin calling his beloved disciple Zhen Qiushui "Jia Xiandi," he couldn't help smiling, but he didn't break it for the time being. He only said, "Although the Jade Finger Spirit Snake Xiaoyaozi is ferocious, I've already made arrangements. Your brother will be safe in three months!"! Now that my good nephew is safely out of danger, we can go to Qilian to look for him, so as not to create a lot of unnecessary entanglements before the time is ripe! Then he said to Hua Tuo and Bai Wuzhang with a smile, "My virtuous nephew Fu Tianlin and I are going to Qilian. Brother Bai, please go to the Miao territory. In this way, no matter where Brother Xiong Danian, the long-winded disciple, seeks revenge, we will be able to meet him."! And we agreed with each other Qilian things, rushed to Miaojiang, Miaojiang things, rushed to Qilian, the two sides along the road each left a mark, in order to find each other! "After the meeting, everyone told us what they had encountered and what they knew, and then made a unified plan on how to cut off the'three evils outside the territory '!" When Bai yuanzhang heard this,best green coffee bean extract, he nodded his head again and again. He told Ge Yuren how to say goodbye and set sail to urge the boat. Ge Yuren did not return to the boat. He threw an ingot of silver and ordered the boat people to go by themselves! After returning to the shore, although the three men went to the northwest and southwest separately, they still had to travel together for a period of time before they could go separately. prius-biotech.com

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