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One fourteenth of the complete edition Full-time Job

Nov 22nd, 2022 at 07:15   Independent & Freelance   Fatehpur   731 views Reference: 58
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Nantian did not speak. He did not know how to explain the problem. He was afraid that the more he described it, the more black it became. What terrible thing did Xu Wen see in his room? Longma asked. She saw a pair of eyes under the bed, he said. But when I went there, I didn't see it. Nantian said. Ah Sha Jia covered her mouth and shrank her body in fear. Several people present showed a look of fear. How do you expect us to believe what you're saying? Araki said coldly. Nantian says coldly likewise: "If you do not believe, that might as well say, what do you think this is to return a responsibility?"? Why did Xu Wen appear in my room? If I were the murderer, would I go to all the trouble to get him into my room and let you all see him? Who knows what your plan is? Maybe you screwed up? Araki said. The white whale suddenly looked at Xiahou Shen and asked, "Are you the first person to see this?"? Why did you open the door and come out? I actually heard a knock on the door, and then I heard some voices. I figured there might be something going on next door, so I came by. Just in time to see Nantian holding Xu Wen's body. "It sounds as if you are proving the truth of your neighbor's story." Araki said sarcastically. That's the truth. Xiahou Shen retaliated neither soft nor hard. Chris walked over to Xu Wen's body, looked at it carefully for a while, and said,interactive digital whiteboard, "Don't argue about this. Let's focus on the most important question in front of us. What did Xu Wen die of?" This sentence reminds everyone. Even Nantian remembered that he had never seen the cause of Xu Wen's death before, only that he had died. Now everyone gathered around and looked at Xu Wen's body in surprise. It was strange. There were no wounds on his body, no ligature marks or pinch marks on his neck how did he die? Beidou said. Look at his horrible expression, as if he had seen something terrible before he died. Saja shivered, afraid to look the corpse in the face. Chris smiled a little. What you're saying sounds like something out of a horror novel,touch screen interactive whiteboard, Miss Sagka. Unfortunately, in real murder, there is no such way to die as being scared to death. "How do you think he died?" Longma asked Chris. Chris pinched the corpse's arms and legs and said, "His body was stiff and constricted, his face twisted and his mouth wide open it looked like he had died of a heart attack." "Heart paralysis." Saja asked, "What causes heart paralysis?" "Poisoned." Without waiting for Chris to speak, Araki said it. That's right Chris said, "I don't know if you've heard of a plant called curare wood.". This is a kind of tree growing in Xishuangbanna, known as the "King of Forest Poison". The sap of this tree is highly poisonous, 75 inch smart board ,smartboards for business, and when a bear or tiger is poisoned, it will die immediately. As long as a human wound is stained with a little of this poison, it can immediately die of heart paralysis. "How do you know so well?" Asked Sha Jia. I think this is the common sense that mystery novelists should know. Chris said. So you mean Xu Wen was poisoned by curare wood and died? Asked the white whale. I'm just saying it's possible. As for what kind of poison he was poisoned, I'm afraid we can't test it now-but it should be certain that he died of poisoning. "But we didn't see any wounds on his body." Beidou said. If it's the venom of curare wood, you just need to dip a little bit on the tip of a needle and stab someone lightly, and you can kill someone. If the trick is clever, I'm afraid the victim hasn't noticed it yet, or thinks he's just bitten by a mosquito, and he's already dead. Araki said he seemed to know a lot about the plant. So the last person to approach Xu Wen was the murderer. He added, pointing straight to the south. I agree with that statement. Nantian said, "but I wasn't the last person to approach him." "Then who do you think?" Asked Araki. I don't know, but this man took advantage of the gap I went to Xu Wen's room and killed him without being noticed. He was a sinister, cunning and terrible killer. ” After listening to Nantian's words, Chris seemed to think of something. He asked Xiahou Shen, "Did you hear Xu Wen screaming or shouting before?" Xiahou Shen frowned and said, "I can't hear very well. I just heard a knock on the door and some voices." I don't seem to have heard the cry for help you said. Chris pinched his chin with his fingers and said thoughtfully, "That's strange. If someone broke into the door to kill Xu Wen, he couldn't have kept silent.." "That's why I said that the last person to approach Xu Wen might be Nantian!" Araki said sharply. Nantian, who had regained his composure by this time, retorted, "So, senior Araki, tell me, after I pricked Xu Wen with a needle coated with curare venom, why did I leave this room and run away from Xu Wen's room?"? Why don't I lock my door right now? Then you won't be able to find it. "Who knows if you know to go to Xu Wen's room.". Maybe you were discovered by Xiahou Shen before you could close the door. Just when Nantian felt unable to answer, a woman's voice suddenly sounded behind him: "I can prove that Nantian is telling the truth." Everyone looked back and saw that at some point, Chiaki, who lived opposite, was already standing at the door. She walked into the room and said, "At that time,interactive boards for classrooms, I also heard the noise from the opposite side, so I opened the door a crack and looked out.". Everything I saw was just like what Nantian said. He did go to Xu Wen's room for several minutes before returning to his room. (Editor: Why didn't anyone ask if anyone went to Nantian's room after that?) Nantian breathed a sigh of relief, but fortunately someone on the opposite side witnessed the process and could prove that he was telling the truth. And she showed up in time to help herself out. The southern sky cast a grateful glance to the whole world. Araki snorted and stopped talking. hsdsmartboard.com

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