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The fox's wife Full-time Job

Nov 15th, 2022 at 07:57   Independent & Freelance   Canacona   340 views Reference: 8
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"As for Mingjie, Mi'er, it needs to be explained that even if I was in a very bad mood at that time, I wanted to find a reason to get rid of this marriage, but I also knew that this marriage was impossible to change, so I did not regard them as confidants and marry them later.". I got to know several of them at the meeting the year before last, but I said less than ten words at that time, which could only be regarded as a casual acquaintance. I didn't expect that we would meet again at the meeting last year. They were women, and it was unreasonable to take the initiative to talk to us and ignore them. As for Lizhou, they caught up with themselves, I did not even say a word of invitation, their reputation does not need me to consider! What Shangguan Jue did not say was that even if he had any good feelings for them, he was also dispelled by their initiative to catch up with them, without the slightest reserved performance, not to mention that there was another person in his heart at that time, and now it is the same, but now he has followed Shangguan Hao's advice and buried the person he could not give up in his heart. She is so free and easy, perhaps she did not care about herself and others at all,socket screw plug, otherwise she would not even ask the names of several people, let alone run after men. Last year's swallows meeting? Yan Mi-er nestled her head in the arms of Shangguan Jue, so that he could not see the emotional fluctuations in his eyes. She also wanted to fulfill the contract and asked Shangguan Jue if she had any love between men and women. After seeing her again in Lushan, she had a hazy love for Shangguan, but it was not so obvious at that time. It was only after the event that she knew that the feelings had deepened unconsciously. But August last year happened to be the worst time for my aunt's health, and she didn't dare to walk away! "Mi'er,Stainless steel foundry," said Shangguan Jue, seeing that there had been no movement for a long time, she gave a tentative cry. " But why did they come back to the house? Yan Mi'er said sullenly, "If my husband didn't have any good feelings for them, a few women wouldn't be so.." On the thick face with it! In the end, Yan Mier could only omit it, and it was not necessarily good to say it. There are still some good feelings, but not deep enough to want them to enter the door. Mi'er, as you can see, although they don't have Mi'er's beauty, understanding, gentleness and generosity, they are all beautiful women with their own amorous feelings. As long as they are men, die casting parts ,deep draw stamping, they will have a good impression on them when they haven't seen their bad side. This is just a simple sense. As for their entry into the mansion, that was the old lady's idea, for what, Mi Er may have guessed in his heart. Shangguan Jue said with a wry smile, "I wanted to send them away while they were still in the other courtyard of Qinxue. But after marriage, there were so many things at home that Grandma took them back before she could. I can't send them away right away." "Then they are mere guests, not your confidants!" Yan Mier's little face rubbed against Shangguan Jue's chest, and she liked it very much. Just a guest! I will slowly let them know that we are very close, there is no room for them to come in, let them retreat and send them away. Just want to wronged Mi son to coexist with them, but also to wronged Mi son to deal with them! Shangguan Jue already had a plan in mind. I'm not wronged! Yan Mi'er smiled and said, "They are guests. I will treat them with courtesy." As long as they don't provoke, I won't take the initiative to punish them, but do they have that kind of patience? Yan Mier was very suspicious. "Then we'd better go back to the Couple's Yard!" Shangguan Jue breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that Yan Mi'er was so talkative. It was good to have a rational, intelligent and gentle wife. It was a good thing to solve the problem so quickly. She said with a smile, "It's a kind of enjoyment to drink a cup of Pu'er made by Zhi Yun after dinner. Mi'er, fortunately, the servant girls around you are all specially educated and specialized in a craft. I can't stand that kind of omnipotent servant girl." "Why?" The smile on Yan Mier's face reminded her of Shi Yaqi's all-powerful servant girl. Everything, everything is very rough, equal to nothing! Shangguan Jue had learned the tea-making skill of the all-powerful servant girl, and was deeply shocked by it. The 103rd chapter of the main text is a play of three women. "I'm so angry, I'm so angry!" When Shi Yaqi returned to her residence, she shouted angrily. Her servant girl Chunyan hurriedly poured her a cup of tea and said with concern, "Girl, what happened?" "What else could it be? It's a disgrace!" Huang Hsiao-hsiang leaned gloatingly against the door and said with a faint sneer, "I didn't understand the situation. I wanted to sit next to Jue's brother to show my closeness, and I wanted to compare myself with others. As a result, I lost face and had no place to vent. It's really pitiful!" "Huang Xiaoxiang, you're no better!" Shi Yaqi waited for Huang Xiaoxiang bitterly. Her eyes were full of fierce light. She retorted, "What is the new young lady? You are really talented!" "It's better than some people. They don't even know the rules of going up to the hall and down to the kitchen. They proudly say that they are spoiled and don't touch the spring water with their fingers. Hum, that's the practice of the nouveau riche!"! A servant girl thought she was really a spoiled young lady. Who knew that there were dozens of servant girls around her. She was dumbfounded! Huang Xiaoxiang has always been out of tune with Shi Yaqi, and when they meet, they are needle-sharp and unforgiving. All right, you don't want to quarrel, or think about how to do it, we don't have much time! Yu Mengyao looked at the two of them coldly. These two guys, who were more likely to succeed than to fail, warned, "Today is the day we just moved back, but Brother Jue accompanied the woman for a walk back instead of coming to see how we settled down. I think their feelings are still very good. They are not forced by the face of Mrs. Shangguan as Mrs. Shangguan said." If we don't make any progress in a short time,car radiator cap, we'll probably be out of the house! "What else can we do? Of course, we should seize the time and let Brother Jue offer to marry us!" Huang Hsiao-hsiang said with a smile, "My father has already hinted to Brother Jue. I hope Brother Jue can give me a reasonable name. My request is not high. My wife is enough." autoparts-dx.com

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