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Kill God Full-time Job

Nov 15th, 2022 at 07:53   Independent & Freelance   Canacona   303 views Reference: 4
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A pair of violent, sinister animal pupil, suddenly to her, a strong evil spirit, blow on the face. The moon was shocked, her eyes changed dramatically, and she stood there, not daring to move. The ghost came out slowly from the other side alone, somewhat lightly, as if afraid to disturb the rock, however, when the ghost left the rock 100 meters later, the speed suddenly increased, straight toward the moon. Yueqiao's face was full of sadness, and she wanted to cry without tears. She was really weak at this time, wanted to come to seek the help of Shiyan, that expected to see people, but was targeted by a strange human-shaped monster, and this monster is so ferocious and powerful, she is now in a state of no match at all. The ghost will not care about her, that Aiya's escape, has made the ghost extremely uncomfortable, see a woman sneaking around, it is ready to take the moon to vent the anger in the heart, this is a violent attack. Shiyan! Seeing that the moon was going to be in great trouble, she had to raise her voice and shout loudly,Nail machine manufacturer, and her voice was as sharp as a thorn. Indulged in a certain state of Shiyan, heard this sad call, eyebrows suddenly moved, a ray of thought released. The evil spirit hits the ghost beside the moon, and the ghost gas and evil gas surge all over the body, shaking the magic bell, and then it will hurt the killer. The change of the energy of heaven and earth may not be a good thing for human beings, but the ghost has benefited from it. It is obvious that the power is increasing little by little. The speed of the magic gas and the ghost gas is becoming more and more condensed and pure. Even the fluctuation of its soul has become flowing. Moon a face miserably, see the ghost kill to come over, ready to struggle to move the remaining energy,wire nail making machine, good to resist. At that moment, the ghost who rushed to her suddenly stagnated in the void, as if it had been frozen, motionless. The ghost double pupil humanized to reveal the mood of doubt, secretly expressed with the thought of the soul, until after receiving the response from Shiyan, some reluctantly flew back and stood beside the war demon again. Wait a minute. He needs some time. Black ice cold flame jumped, toward the release of the soul wave of the month, the idea is clear. Moon stunned, straight Leng Leng looked at Xuanbing cold flame, "you, you are explaining to me?" "Well, he's learning the meaning of power and can't communicate with you for the time being." Xuan Bing Han Yan continued to reply, "You can wait for a while, if you can't wait, leave first." Xuanbing cold flame and Shiyan spirit, it knows the relationship between the moon and Shiyan, since Shiyan let the ghost do not hurt the killer, Nail machine supplier ,Nail machine supplier, it will take the initiative to explain the situation. The month receives the message of Xuan Bing Han Yan again, and finally affirms that it is the sky fire that sends out the soul message to her. She is full of surprise, have the intention to continue to ask, can see that the black ice cold flame seems unwilling to answer, can only be wise to shut up, on the side of the silent waiting, hoping that Shiyan can wake up as soon as possible. She has too many doubts in her mind. Elder Yue, what's the situation over there? I'll be there in a minute! At this moment, the sound stone in her hand, came the thought fluctuation of Zhu Yi, sounded extremely exciting. You, you slow down a little later, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble. The month was stupefied for a moment, hurriedly summoned the past, "my side, a little strange, when you come over, don't be too anxious, gently.." "What's going on?"? Is that Shiyan boy going to lay hands on you? "No, when you come over, you'll know." The moon smiled bitterly. Chapter 587 is just so so! The month has been looking at Shiyan, dare not act rashly, for fear of causing the violent attack of the ghost, silently waiting for the arrival of Zhu Yi. There was nothing unusual about Shiyan, as if he were standing and sleeping in silence. However, in his body, there is a strong energy fluctuation, which lasts for a long time and is gradually increasing. Moon did not know what had happened in his body, and the only thing that was certain was that Shiyan must have had some kind of welcome change. From the reaction of the ghost and the war demon, Shi Yan seems to be comprehending the profound meaning of a certain power. Following this point, the moon looks at it carefully. After a long time, she finally found that Shiyan kept sleeping, but the space beside him seemed to be extremely chaotic and distorted, as if there was a pair of invisible hands that could tear the space apart, always moving around him, affecting the space beside him. The moon is secretly frightened. Naturally, she did not know that Shiyan's advancement to the realm of the gods relied on the power of space, which was extremely mysterious and unpopular in the whole land of divine grace. This is not to say that this power is not strong enough, on the contrary, throughout history, as long as the martial arts and secret treasures linked to space are extremely terrible and powerful. The reason why no one practices the power of space and regards it as the main understanding of the profound meaning of power is that it is too difficult to grasp the profound meaning of this power, and there are no conclusive books and senior guidance. Every warrior who carries out a profound study of this aspect of power is a lonely groper. The profound meaning of a power, relying solely on a person's exploration and understanding, is like a blind man feeling an elephant, it is difficult to fully grasp, often only a little superficial understanding, can not thoroughly understand the true meaning of this power. Without a thorough understanding of the profound meaning of power, it is naturally impossible to have too much power, and it will be extremely difficult to rely on this power to advance in the spiritual realm. There are many people, perhaps a lifetime can not find the opportunity, through the power of space to advance again. When he saw that Shi Yan was comprehending the profound meaning of space, he was so surprised that he wanted to cry out. She knew in her heart that Shiyan at this moment must have had a new understanding of the power of space because of some kind of chance. The warrior who studies this power may hardly encounter this opportunity once in his life, so it will be difficult to break through all his life and never be promoted again. The power of space.. Moon heart some bitter, secretly shaking his head, eyes look complex. This guy has enough horror and exaggeration, according to his present realm and age, he will surely be able to reach a very profound realm in the future. If he understands the power of space, it will also increase with the gradual advancement,Coil Nail Making Machine, and one day in the future, he will rely on the power of space to make a breakthrough in the realm, then his potential is simply unfathomable. 3shardware.com

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